World class property management technology

INSPECT - Used for open inspections at your rental property

INSPECT allows our property managers to know who is active, in what suburb, and with one click of a button tenants can easily apply to rent your home. Tap into our technology that connects our 22 property managers (and wider team of 40 sales agents) who share information while out in the field. They are meeting prospective tenants every day allowing us to match a quality tenant to your rental property, quickly. When leasing out your property, every day counts. Receive instant reports after each open inspection at your property, keeping you informed throughout the leasing process.


ToopHome - Ensure transparency for both landlord and tenants.

Landlords enjoy live, up to date access to their information 24/7. ToopHome allows you to make the most of your information from financial data tracking, knowing where your rent is paid to, access to your property inspection reports, management of any maintenance requests and access any time to important documents.

At Toop&Toop we use industry-leading tech to help keep your tenant safe and save you money. When tenants lodge maintenance through the app they are given simple steps so they can resolve the issue themselves first, so you don’t get caught paying for a trade to attend your property for no reason. If there is a maintenance issue at your property that could be dangerous to tenants, our maintenance app provides a number of automated warnings, cautionary alerts and prompts to make sure your tenant is given important safety information there and then. You’ll receive updates to the palm of your hand on any current maintenance request and we log everything. All historical job history and invoices are kept in one place and are available for you to view any time, any where. Use your own trades with ease. If you have preferred tradespeople, no worries! 

Toop Tenants are able to lodge, track and review maintenance, see upcoming inspections, check their rental payments, transactions, their property managers contact details and access all important documents, all from one place!

RENEW - Used when deciding to renew a tenancy

No need to track down a printer, when your tenant’s lease is ending, simply let us know if you wish to extend it or not, with a few clicks. We’ll then send you the documentation straight to your email, taking away the hassle of paperwork and making your life easy! Notifying tenants if their lease is extended (or not) within the correct timeframe is essential, and can prove costly if missed. The in-built alerts in RENEW ensures that our tenants are provided the correct notice period so tenants do not accidentally lapse onto a period lease.

Suzannah Toop