Is it worth getting a Property Manager?

If you own an investment property, you know how time-consuming managing it can be.  

What is your time worth, and do you know enough to protect you and your property? 

Choosing to hand over the day-to-day responsibility to a licenced Property Manager can make life a lot easier, reduce your vacancy rate and increase your rental return.  

Did you know there are 2730 pages of legislation in the Residential Tenancies Act that Property Managers need to be familiar with?  

Property Managers attend regular training and professional development and stay up to date with changing legislation that may affect your investment.  

Property Managers handle marketing your property, sourcing your tenants and managing every aspect of the property on your behalf. 


Some of the tasks a Property Manager will undertake include: 

  • Marketing your property to find quality tenants 

  • Preparing your lease agreement with all required conditions and any special conditions to  protect the property and owner 

  • Negotiating lease details and rent where required  

  • Sharing market updates and intel to maximise financial returns 

  • Managing repairs and maintenance around your property 

  • Carrying out regular inspections and reporting on the condition of your property 

  • Issuing necessary notices within the prescribed times to protect you, the owner  

  • Attending SACAT (South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) hearings when disputes arise 

Property Management fees are tax deductible and depreciation can be claimed each year.