Our Story

When TOOP+TOOP first emerged nearly 40 years ago, we wanted to do more for our clients. We wanted to achieve better sales results, through our bespoke marketing and the intelligent market insights of our team.

We invested in new technology and built the most powerful database in the industry. But more than anything we paid attention to detail, doing the right thing and working both smarter and harder to get the right results.

That drive to be the best and continually evolve for our clients still burns strong.

We blend thoroughly modern ways of working with a team of unrivalled experience. We’re confident about achieving more for you, while still remaining humble. We represent the best homes Adelaide has to offer while being approachable and personable.

Genevieve Toop

“For me, one of the aspects that sets TOOP+TOOP apart is our team. Our experienced sales team are always there front and centre, but they’re supported by our in-house marketing and concierge teams, as well as the backing of our world-class technology and powerful buyer database. It all adds up to a smooth and successful experience.”

Genevieve Toop, CEO Sales and Marketing

Genevieve Toop
Our Story1

Our Foundations


When Anthony and Sylvia Toop established TOOP+TOOP from their home in Toorak Gardens almost 40 years ago, they were determined to create the best real estate company in the country.

More than three decades of industry awards is clear proof that they succeeded in that mission.

From the first home TOOP+TOOP sold in St Peters in 1985 to today, the company’s fundamental focus has never changed – to do more for our clients so they can achieve a premium outcome.

Our Story1


TOOP VAULT is one of Australian real estate's most effective off-market selling tools, with a database of more than 20,000 eager buyers.

It's a proven method of matching the right buyers with the right homes, without the fuss, and accounts for almost 10 per cent of all TOOP+TOOP sales.

The power of TOOP VAULT

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