The next generation of property marketing

Today we live in a world surrounded by 24/7 advertising. We are bombarded with over 10,000 ads per day, so it has never been more important to innovate and find new ways to engage and capture attention.

In our real estate world, this means we are always looking for new ideas and solutions to not just capture buyers' attention, but to maintain it and engage them in a way that will create the most powerful result for our clients and their properties.


Team Toop have been dreaming up what the next generation real estate experience looks like. We wanted to transform how people experience buying and selling their home and bring the future of real estate to South Australia, today.

As marketers, we know that there is one element that always cuts through the clutter and creates powerful results... the key is emotion. Understanding there is a new digital world well and truly on its way, we wanted to source the very best strategic partners who could help us deliver the most emotive and engaging online marketing experience on the planet, and join forces with them to bring an unmatchable experience to South Australian real estate.


We searched the globe to find the answer... and we discovered it in Sweden! We found a company, called DIAKRIT, who are the global leader in digital property marketing, and are providing tools to the world that Australian real estate has never seen. We instantly saw the possibilities and potential.
Over four months we have been working hard together, across four time zones, to turn our vision into a reality. We have created a brand new and exciting suite of marketing tools for our Toop&Toop clients, so that buyers can create and imagine what it would be like to live in their dream home before they even walk in the front door!

The next generation of property marketing is here.
Introducing ToopCreate. 

ToopCreate provides buyers and sellers with a fully immersive property experience like no other - 
luxe magazine style photography, 3D floorplans and the ability to design, renovate and visualise your dream home. Through the power of capturing emotion, ToopCreate delivers vendors an unmatchable result for their property.


An interactive and dynamic floor plan that gives potential buyers the power to digitally furnish and decorate their perfect living space, allowing buyers to mentally move in.  



Shows off the full potential of your home, and allows buyers to imagine renovating and redecorating. Buyers can digitally customise the interior of a home by selecting exciting new colours and textures for walls, flooring, countertops and cabinets. Buyers are also able to customise the exterior of your home including paint colour, window frame colour and other options.


Using Virtual Reality technology, buyers from anywhere in the world are able to walk through your property in 3D and stop, look and feel how that space would work for them - as if they are really there.


The way we experience real estate has changed forever! Team Toop is thrilled to launch these products to the South Australian marketplace and show you how these tools are going to transform buyers' experience and sellers' results.

Genevieve Toop