Uncovering Unley's Heritage: The Front Yard Slide Shows

In May, as part of South Australia’s History Festival, the streets of Unley transform into an open gallery of local history through an innovative project called the Front Yard Slide Shows. This initiative provides residents a platform to share the unique stories of their homes, weaving together personal and architectural history in an engaging walking tour format.

South Australia’s History Festival Overview: This annual festival fills the month of May with a variety of events that engage people with the rich history of our state. It features a mix of talks, tours, and exhibitions hosted across various locations, from urban centres to rural settings, making historical knowledge accessible to a broad audience.


The Front Yard Slide Shows in Unley: Started in 2022, this project has quickly become a focal point of the festival. Homeowners in Unley are invited to create digital slideshows that detail the history of their homes. These stories are displayed on our signature signboards and are positioned around the suburb, turning a casual stroll through Unley into a deep dive into its historical depths.

For example, the home at 16 Anglo Ave, Parkside, tells the story of its successive owners and their contributions to the fabric of the community. At 84 King William Rd, Goodwood, known as "The Abbey," you can learn about its transformation from a private residence to an incredible collaborative working space we are lucky to call our TOOP+TOOP office.

TOOP+TOOP’s Involvement: The Unley Council has done an incredible job bringing this vision to life, and we are proud to be a major partner in this project that celebrates local heritage. We feel this partnership reflects our commitment to community engagement and the preservation of local history, and promotes an appreciation for the unique stories that shape our neighbourhoods, which our business and our team are incredibly passionate about.

At TOOP+TOOP, we believe that every home has a story worth telling, and through the Front Yard Slide Shows, we are excited to help bring these stories to light. This initiative not only celebrates Unley’s rich history but also connects the community to its roots, making the history of the area vivid and engaging.

We encourage everyone to explore these slide shows over the next few weeks and gain a deeper understanding of the stories that make up the fabric of Unley. It’s a chance to connect with our heritage in an innovative, fun, and meaningful way.

Have you taken the tour yet or seen any of our signs? We would love to hear your feedback!

For more information on the Unley Front Yard Slide Shows or to view all of the stories, you can visit their website: https://frontyardslideshowsunley.au

Genevieve Toop