Vault's value on rise as stock levels dip

With Adelaide stock levels at record low levels and the pool of new buyers continuing to grow, the power of ToopVault has never been more evident.

ToopVault is one of Australian real estate’s most effective off-market tools, providing registered members with VIP access to properties before they hit the open market.

That’s a particularly enticing proposition for many buyers, given total property listings in Adelaide are down around 35 per cent for the year.

“ToopVault has been hugely popular since we launched it in 2013,” Toop&Toop Owner/Director of Residential Sales, Bronte Manuel, said.

“With stock levels so low at the moment, we’re finding many buyers are more eager than ever to learn about off-market listings.

“We’re hearing of a number of situations where buyers keep missing out on properties and they're starting to become frustrated.

“By registering for the Vault, they’re getting exclusive early access to homes before they’re promoted on portals like

“And one of the beauties of the Vault is that buyers can be quite specific about their search criteria, meaning they’ll be alerted as soon as a property that matches those requirements is listed with us.”


On average, there is more than one home sold through the Vault each week, accounting for almost 10 per cent of all Toop&Toop sales.

“It’s also very popular with vendors, allowing them to list their property without being released to the broader public,” Manuel said.

“The Vault is ideal for those wanting a more discreet, controlled method of selling their property.

“It’s a highly effective means of matching the right buyers with the right properties.

“We have sold many, many properties that were never publicly released.”

ToopVault members receive email alerts when suitable properties are added to the Vault, based on the property preferences they list when registering.

Private and VIP inspections can then be arranged under conditions that suit the vendor.

ToopVault properties also appear in the search feed of the website – but property details and images are blurred. Members can unlock these properties and view homes first.

The ToopVault has more than 17,000 members.

To register, go to