It's time to get sustainable in Norwood

The Sustainable Garden Awards is a bi-annual initiative to recognise and celebrate the importance of eco-friendly gardens in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters. 

“The award program is open to all residents, business owners, schools and community groups, who have a ‘sustainable story’ to share,” City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Sustainability Officer Naomi Doolette says. 

“This year’s award nominations will open on September 21 and close on October 30.  

“The council will be running a series of gardening-related workshops, tours and webinars in conjunction to the awards for those who want to learn more or be inspired to create a sustainable garden.” 

The Sustainable Garden Awards, which has been running since 2016, has attracted people from all walks of life – including tenants. In 2018, tenants Terri and Phillip received a commendation for their garden in Royston Park. 

“Terri and Phillip originally planted the garden at their rental property to teach their son about where his food came from,” Naomi says.  

“Now, their garden flourishes with produce that manages to feed the family all year round.

“They have inspired their family, friends, neighbours and passers-by to grow their own food and live more ecologically.” 


For tenants hoping to decrease their carbon footprint, Naomi recommends being mindful about water and energy usage around the home. 

“Tenants can do simple things like suggesting to landlords to install water-efficient shower heads and regulators, as well as making efforts to recycle and compost correctly. 

“Electricity consumption can also be reduced by turning lights and appliances off at the power point.  

“A great tip would also be to wash clothes in cold water and run the dishwasher on a reduced temperature. 

“We’ve also had a lot of tenants plant native plants and start compost and worm farms to ensure that their waste is properly reused.”  

People in the council area also have access to local organisations including Sustainable Communities, a group designed to encourage and inform residents on ways to make their lives more sustainable. 

“By participating in these communities, referring to the council’s waste and recycling guide and being conscious of energy and waste output, tenants can cut down on their expenses while making a positive impact on the environment,” she says. 

“We hope that through initiatives like the Sustainable Garden Awards and other council events, residents will be encouraged to meet other local people, learn new skills and make lasting changes to their current lifestyle.”