Team Norwood win the 2019/20 award for the best performing Property Management Team

Kelli Horsell, Melissa Burke and Kristen Goedecke are last Financial Year's recipients of Toop&Toop's Best Performing Property Management Team. As Team Norwood, Kelli, Melissa and Kristen service the eastern suburbs and surrounding Adelaide area. We talk to Team Norwood about their role at Toop&Toop and how they work together to provide outstanding service.

What is the best thing about being in Team Norwood?

We work well as a team while providing great service to our clients. Leasing and operating in Norwood and the eastern suburbs is great because of their proximity to the city and Adelaide Hills. We also enjoy the community atmosphere and nice selection of character and modern homes.

What areas are covered under Team Norwood?

We lease in Norwood and its surrounding areas including Magill, Campbelltown, Glen Osmond, Glenunga and everywhere in between. It's nice to experience the different charms of these suburbs, while having an in-depth understanding of what they can offer to our wide demographic of tenants. While Glenunga is great for students, share homes and people beginning their rental journey, places like Campbelltown and Norwood are suited more for couples and families.


How does Team Norwood work together?

We operate in a 'pod' of three, each with our own dedicated roles. This structure also ensures team members can jump into each other's roles at any time. As an example, if the team leader is on the road all day, other team members can address any urgent issues immediately. This means clients don't have to talk to three different people about their property and aren't left waiting if the team member they're working with isn't available.

How did it feel to win the 2020 award for the Best Performing Team?

We were excited to receive this award as it recognised how we work well as a team, while acknowledging our enthusiasm for delivering great service to our landlords and tenants.