AI Powered Property Management. A new world is here.

We’re forward thinkers, problem solvers, who believe there is a better way, a smarter way to do things.

Our commitment extends beyond exceptional service for landlords and tenants; it's also about creating a better environment for our property management team. The alarming statistic that 25% of property managers intend on leaving the industry within the next 5 years, is one we feel passionate about defying.

One of our major focusses at TOOP+TOOP has been advancing the capabilities of our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), HARLI, to deliver clients with a responsive and efficient service. We are also on a mission to give more time back to our property managers, reducing stress levels and improving overall wellbeing within the role.

Last year we:

  • secured tenants 61% faster than the industry standard

  • saw an 83% reduction in lease preparation time

  • achieved zero vacancy for 30% of our properties

  • achieved a 90% faster turnaround time with maintenance than the industry average

  • trained HARLI to complete 23% of all property management tasks (adding 288 additional hours in the week), this number is growing everyday.


We also believe in attracting diverse talent from a wide range of industries. 76% of our team came from customer service roles before joining us. By investing in our employee experience, we have created a unique offering for our team, one where our people can thrive from the outset, without burn out.

This passion for service and dedication to finding new and better ways, has led us to be a Finalist for Property Management Team of the Year in the prestigious 2024 Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) National Awards for Excellence. We will go head-to-head with the best Property Management companies from across the country with the winners to be announced at a Gala dinner in Hobart this May.

We are excited to be representing South Australia as we reimagine real estate for landlords, tenants and property managers.

For the full press release including all Finalists, click here.