What do I need permission to change in my rental property?

We all like to personalise where we live, which is sometimes difficult when renting a home, as most changes cannot be made to your rental property without prior written consent from the property owner.  

Examples of changes that would need approval include:  

  •  painting (inside or outside) 

  • removing trees or plants from the garden 

  • installing an air conditioner  

  • inserting picture hooks into a wall. 

However, there are numerous ways to decorate and freshen up the look of a rental property that do not require a landlord’s permission such as: 

  • Adding an outdoor veggie or herb patch in a planter box 

  • Making a mdf headboard and paint or cover with wallpaper for a quick bedroom makeover 

  • Styling with indoor plants, lamps, rugs, bedding, soft furnishings, storage baskets, photographs, artwork, mirrors, ceramics, books, and candles. 

We advise you to contact your property manager to discuss your ideas for making any changes in the home.  

Your property manager will liaise with the owner and present your request. The owner is under no obligation to agree (or pay) for your request; however, they may look favourably on requests that improve the value or enhance the appeal of the property. Painting for example may improve the attractiveness and value of the home. 


If your request is approved, the conditions must be specific, in writing, and detailing what changes are to be made, who is paying for it, and what will happen when you vacate the property, full reinstatement may be required. 

Any agreed changes are usually made at the expense of the tenant, unless the property owner offers to cover the cost, or a portion thereof. For example, a property owner may offer to cover the cost of materials if they deem the change will add value to their property. 

At the end of your tenancy, you can remove fixtures you have installed (with the owner’s consent), unless the removal of the fixture would cause irreparable damage to the property.